About Us

Minuit Tendre is a one of a kind inclusive and liberated space, free of any taboos. Its vision encompasses everyone's sexual health, whoever you might be. It encourages its community to (re)define their own relation to pleasure and intimacy through a positive and diverse approach to sexuality.

While many humans don't care for nowadays' adult shops, Minuit Tendre's innovative and refreshing model stands out in the sexual toys market. First and foremost, Minuit Tendre takes pride in putting forward inclusive values and in being a wholesome human-scaled business. It showcases a wide range of products meant to suit the diverse realities of its clientele (sizes, skin colors, disabilities, gender identities, ages), and educational information conveyed by different specialists. It is also home to a blog and to a book section to keep everyone informed.

Floating away from the pornographic approach to sexuality, Minuit Tendre thrives to offer a safe, trustworthy space for all. The business wishes to have a positive impact on its community thanks to its wellbeing-forward approach.



For Catherine, operating a company where an inclusive and positive sexuality takes center stage comes from a health background that took her through many (dis)appointments. Unable to find the right tools and adequate support through it all, she decided to create something that could have helped her at the time. The name Minuit Tendre comes from a sleepless night during which the idea of the company came to her (in French, minuit means midnight). It also put her in the right direction, since she had been looking for an entrepreneurial avenue to express her strengths and creativity for a while. Her empathy, business flair and human values allow her to fuel a project that stays true to her own self. Her business helps showing sexuality under a new light, while meeting her community's diversified needs. Her main goal? To offer a wide range of perspectives, while respecting everyone's tastes, desires and limits, but most and foremost, to have a social impact.


When Stephanie was let in on Catherine's project, she put her heart and soul into it. A trained baker, she always knew she wanted to dip her toe in the entrepreneurial world, and she finally jumped in Minuit Tendre with her long-time friend. After gastronomic pleasures, she takes on pleasures of the flesh with the same passion and enthusiasm. Her determination is only topped by ner motivation to take their project to the next level. Her varied skillset perfectly complements the duo, and Minuit Tendre is lucky to count her expertise and bottomless curiosity.




The « About us » section was originally written (in French) by the amazing Jennifer Martin from Folie Urbaine

Translated in English by the marvellous Justine Chevrier-Lord